Brilliant Closet Lifehacks

Reclaim your closet no matter how tight or tiny it is. Get the most out of your space and uncover the closet of your dreams with these brilliant closet lifehacks that will maximize every inch of your wardrobe space. 

1. Before you begin your closet makeover, survey what you’ve got in stock. Start by taking everything out. If you don’t, there’s a good chance the clothes you aren’t ever going to wear again will just get shuffled around to Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.58.03 PM.pnganother spot. 

Now, sort out any clothes that you love into one pile. These you’ll keep. Then make a second pile for seasonal clothes. For extra space saving, trying storing your seasonal clothes with creative flare and functionality.  An old trunk that doubles as a bench is a great option. 

Finally, make a third pile for the non-seasonal clothes that you haven’t worn in 6 months. These you’ll part with, but not so fast. According to the EPA, 85% of textiles end up in landfills every year. You can help prevent the accumulation of 12 million tons of textile waste by opting to recycle your clothes and shoes instead of throwing them away. Search here for a textile recycling bin in your neighborhood or at a local business near you.

2. Now that you’ve created space, while the rods are bare, see if you can stagger your rods instead of having one rod going all the way across your closet space. Staggering helps create different spaces for extra storage. You could also double your rod space by using a dowel underneath and attaching the dowel to your top rod with a rope or string. 

6-glamorous-ikea-fabric-closet-735x428..jpeg                  Photo credit:

3. After maximizing your hanging space, take a look at how you hang. A cool trick is to use soda can tops to create a double or even triple hanger.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.59.53 AM.png          Photo credit: wikihow

4. If you shoes are out of control, you can store them in wine boxes under your bed or utilize an old frame for a sliding pull out option. Just put furniture padding underneath to keep your floor free of scratches.

tumblr_l8xhys7hda1qanaj8.jpgPhoto Credit:Birch and Lily

5. Keep your clothes off the floor with this amazing idea from the Shabby Creek Cottage. Simply put a wiggle of hot glue on each side of the hanger and let it dry, then put your clothes back on and no more slipping!

closet-hacks-hot-glue-on-hangers-to-hold-clothes-better.jpg                   Photo Credit: Shabby Creek Cottage

6. Shower curtain rings can become creative hooks. Use them straight on your rod  and hang extra bags from them. Fill the extra bags up for additional storage. Shower curtain rings also work well on a hanger to create a new home for items like scarves or belts. You can even use curtain rings to save space hanging your short.

0924708d-c437-4825-ac76-d89e9a97acda.jpg.png               Photo Credit: Diply

7. Keep your tights tidy by using clothes pins to hang them. Just glue a series of clothes pins to your wall space or the back of a door.

40-clothespins.jpg                   Photo Credit: Lanared Studio

8. Use a shoe box to keepour drawers tidy and stack folded clothes vertically to better see them.

a59c0e7f-0fb0-4714-971f-9cac9006c7fb.jpg                                                                                    Photo Credit: Real Simple/Levi Brown

9. Hang baskets inside out your doors or crates on the wall to create a unique and attractive space for additional storage.

39-wall-storage.jpg   Photo Credit: Decorhacks

10. Give your closet an extra eco-friendly touch with all-natural cedar aroma balls to prevent mildew and keep out mold. You can also use a combination of cedar and lavender to repel moths.

Photo Credit:

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